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International Training Academy

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An international platform for professional training following swiss quality education standards.

We host hand picked training programs for body & mind.


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Fully fledged education program for becoming an excellent Pilates Instructor.

The Institute is committed to high quality education programs, based on 30 years of experience.

Founded in 20019, it is Asia’s first and well known curriculum for teaching aerial yoga to people like you and me.

A professional curriculum, based on Pilates, Yoga & Dance and with safety in mind.

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We have our own line of quality and affordable equipments in place.

All you need for your Pilates & BodyFly practice.



Pilates for Sciatica Pain

Hello Everyone, Hope you’re having a Pil-easant Week! Recently, I’ve come across some individuals facing a health concern known as Sciatica and I want to address basic information about this condition as it is proven that Pilates is becoming a trending therapy for...

Pilates for the Passion or for the Money?

Hello Everyone, Hope you’re having a Pil-easant Week! Thought of the Day: Are you ‘in’ to Pilates to fulfill a passion/goal or are you ‘in’ to Pilates to make it a career for yourself? There is no right or wrong reason for pursuing a Pilates certification; I believe...

Post Teacher Training: How to Teach Your First Pilates Class?

Hello Everyone, Hope you’re having a Pil-easant week. This is a blog article dedicated to all Pilates enthusiasts who have just passed their certifications and is now ready to teach Pilates as a Certified instructor. Firstly, Congratulations on your achievement and...

Importance of a Healthy Spine

Hello Everyone, Hope you’re having a Pil-easant Week! When you join my Certifications and Pilates classes, you will notice my emphasis on the impact Pilates exercises have on your Spine. Therefore, words like ‘mobilize’ and ‘stabilize’ the spine are common phrases you...

Striking a Muscular Balance with Pilates

Hello Everyone, Hope you’re having a Pil-easant Week! Whether it’s relationships, lifestyle, diet, work, exercise or money…etc., there is one thing in common that I’m sure we can all agree to: Achieving the right kind of BALANCE is Essential in life. Some of us get...


Hello Everyone, Wishing all of you a Pil-easant & Prosperous New Year! 2018 was full of beautiful experiences! It was a year of colorful and beautiful energies around me! I love my work and most importantly, I am glad to see that I contributed to the health...